Encounter at the last moment by Sis Preethy Thomas

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When life enters the last moment
From restless Agony to peacefulness
I realise what I did was nothing
Wondering why it remained undefined
Millions of kind words stayed unspoken

All the fights fought added nothing
However it burdened my final journey
True emotions were hidden often
I couldn’t express in time precisely

All the possessions I treasured
Will be left behind forever
Endless weeping of dear ones
Won’t take me back to the earth
I knew what was coming
Yet I never prepared myself
I was perplexed to understand
Consequently It seemed impossible
My mind was a battlefield
Where Uncertainty and mortality wrestled
Never had the courage to embrace the truth

No more pain,sorrows and sickness
To me heaven is real,not a delusion
Where my soul will rest peacefully
Freed from toils of the earth
Nearing the entrance of another realm of life
Where everything is found in perfect harmony

However Iam still in doubt
Have I portrayed enough of saviours love
Wherever it was needed ?

Hope is what I cling onto
Hope in my redeemer
Hope in everlasting love of Abba father
Waiting patiently for me at the gates of heaven
My heart longs to see
My ears are sharpened
And long for the echoes of my name
To be called out by my Savior

By Sis Preethy Thomas, Melbourne

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